Gone are the days when every concrete surface was covered with facade plaster or design cladding. Modern architecture is not afraid to show architectural concrete surfaces, whether in the exterior or interior. That is why we decided to bring our clients something exclusive – products made of architectural concrete with a marble-like finish.

A precast that saves time and money

The new precast by Proficon does not require additional building materials or extra work to complete the construction. It is made of high-quality architectural concrete with a marble-like finish with no need for penetrating coating, glue, reinforcing mesh, plaster, or paint. Our precasts will save you a lot of money and time you would otherwise have to spend on finishing works.

Wide range of products

Proficon’s portfolio features several products in this unique design: masonry precasts, cladding, tiles, and pillar precasts. Each piece is made by skilled hands with great precision to achieve the best technical and optical properties.

Order online. Delivery to the door.

You can order each of the products online on our website via the form below. Information regarding dimensions and prices is available on the website. Fast delivery of concrete products is a matter of course.

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